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Kristophor Hutson

Jeff, Rocky, Terry, Greg, Paul








Jeff, Rocky Rude, Terry, Greg Gassman, Paul

John Paul Grigsby


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Fast Johnny Ricker




Joe Clyne



The Hollyfelds


Stormin Norm Comstock



Kung Tao

Gregory Raimo - GR

Gran Lux - session N33 by GR

Las Divisiones


Yes, it's true, this man has no heart

Jeff, Paul, Greg, Terry at 1227 Manheim, Electric House, 2004

with Greg Gassman at the Electric House. 7/1/2021 Greg went on to do the big gig in the sky.

JPT Scare Band played Crosstown Station in Kansas City, Mo on July22, 2011. With Rocky Rude at the sound system controls, and a house full of screaming Scare Band fans.


Thanks to Arjay and Norm for making this happen and to Casey for loaning your drums and to Luke and Janet and Arjay for doing the videos. And thanks to Dave Brock you braved the stage volume to make the multitrack recording..  And thanks Rocky for expanding the consciousness of all by filling the room full of that sound.

here's some cell phone YouTube videos, thanks Casey. and... a rough of a video of Rat Poison for the Soul
John Paul just wrapped up work on the video from this gig. Who knows maybe you will see it on the Ripple Music label in the not too distant future.  We might even do a double DVD if we get good recordings at the Halloween gig, who knows!  There will be copies available at the show on Halloween, 2014 so get em while their hot.



JPT's and Ripple Music's new LP JPT are all smiles. We just got news from Ripple Music that the test pressing are in for our new doubld vinyl LP that will shortly be released on non other than the Ripple Music label !!!!

Here's a few words from our buds at Ripple Music right off their Instagram account...  "First test pressings of 2015 arrived. Heavy psych fans you gotta dig this. Ripple;s re-release of the long out of print first two seminal albums by the legendary JPT Scare Band. Not seen on vinyl for decades, this is original '70's heavy psych coming to you as a double LP gatefold limited edition. Oh? So good."
"A Night in the Asylum", a benefit concert for KKFI,90.1 fm, October 31, 2014, Halloween, with
JPT Scare Band
and The Waspmen was big fun. Nic and Rocky put a giant sound system together, about 4 times what was needed and it sounded incredibly good. John with Soul Shine put on an incredible Jefferson Airplane style light show too. Jimi Sun Cricket (looked good and tall on his stilts) Fire performers Admiral J Brown, Sharlene Thomas, and Jeremy Brasel. LED Hoops by Sara MissConception Glass, Christina Thompson-Dodd, and Sadie Flower put on some very trippy performances on side stages as the bands roared forward and before the live stuf happened Tim (DJ Bring Tha Ruckus) spun a bunch of stuff to get the juices flowing. The room was big, we had tons of stage lights, foggers and smoke machines, it was an optic, aural feast for everybody as far as I could tell. Casey Swope, Terry's son, sat in on King Rat and Fast Johnny Ricker was there too and came up on stage to play guitar on Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden.  It was a fun night for all of us Here's a ton of pictures below to give you a sense of how it went.
Jeff Terry and Paul
The Waspmen jpt
Terry Paul
Arjay, a.k.a. Alice Terry jpt
Paul and Jeff jpt with fast Johnny
Nic, Rocky and Arjay