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Acid Acetate Excursion & Rape of Titan's Sirens- April 28, 2010, Ripple Music   
Buy the double vinyl, gatefold LP at Ripple Music
April is the month of JPT Scare Band! Our 2xLP reissue of their first two seminal LP's get's released at month's end. Pre-orders still be taken until then. April 18th sale starts.
Check out some reviews:  Ripple Music    Classic Rock


Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden - June 22, 2010, Ripple Music   
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JPT Scare Band named by Classic Rock Magazine as one of the "lost pioneers of Heavy Metal".
9 tracks of never before released manic riffing, intense jamming, and acidified blues, all recorded
by JPT from the mid 70's to the early 2000's

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Rumdum Daddy - October 31, 2009, Kung Bomar Records   
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"JPT Scare Band traffic in epic guitar-led passages that would scare off turst-fund hippies faster than you can say,
'There's ham in the vegan pad thai.'"

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Sleeping Sickness - April 1, 2009, Kung Bomar Records 
Buy it at, Chris Barnes "The beauty of the JPT Scare Band is it's ability to function as a unit in the nebulous field of the free-form heavy jam. They start with a chord progression and the rest is a musical conversation, the direction dictated by unspoken energies. Terry Swope is a gawdam genius. One of the best all around soul guitarists I've ever heard... Definitely in the league with the best in that genre."

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Jamm Vapour-  April 1, 2007, Kung Bomar Records
The Ripple Effect review, "Ramona" Youtube video,  

"They just get into a groove, a steady, freaky space and hold that intention, moving time and space through their amps. This is where the album title came from. A full-out acid-drenched jam, allowed to go where ever the vapors flowed." (Ripple Effect, Racer)

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Past is Prologue- Jan 1, 2002, Kung Bomar Records
The Ripple Effect review
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Ripple Effect, Racer on Past is Prologue review..

MCIIB - 1975, Kung Bomar, by Paul Grigsby. - 1975 no input mixing
The Visitant- 2001, Kung Bomar, by Paul Grigsby
Tao of The Kung -2000, Kung Bomar, by Paul Grigsby
NO TV Scro!

JPT Scare Band guitarist/vocalist all original, solo album, June 2013. Ten new songs in the classic rock styles that influenced Terry Swope in his formative music years. For best results play it LOUD!

"No TV" is available at your fave online store. You can log in at the bottom of that page to write a review. LIKE Swope on Facebook: Terry-Swope-Music




Jeff Littrell, friend fellow maniac and band mate since 1973, passed away June 5, 2023. He will live on every time you crank up one of the Scare Band songs full fucking blast. I'm quite sure he would appreciate the nod so fire up I've Been Waiting and then crank it up.


Here's some JPT YouTube stuff with live video from the Jamm Vapour sessions including I've Been Waiting and Gello Jam. Plus some MC2B, a psychedelic thunderstorm & an alien peacock.





JPT on the Obelisk After more than three solid months of Acid Blues is the White Man’s Burden holding down a top five spot in’s “Extended Jam” category, legendary acid rockers, JPT Scare Band come roaring back with a blitzing assault on their newest single, “Long Day.” Featuring the sizzling guitar work of Terry Swope, “Long Day,” tears through more than eight minutes of searing guitar leads, massive bass riffs, and mammoth drum jamming, all in the definitive JPT Scare Band style.
JPT on the Obelisk 4/4/2015 -JPT gets a little write up in The Obelisk this month, March 2015. Ripple Music Acid Acetate Excursion & Rape of Titans' Sirens LP review by The Obelisk
Rhapsody SoundBoard - Classic Rock Crate Digger: 10 Essential Proto Metal Albums: "This wonderfully raw mismash of once forgotten demos is proto-metal heaven, particularly the 13 minute opus 'Sleeping Sickness'". "In 2007 Classic Rock Magazine tagged JPT as "the lost pioneers of heavy metal". "That's no overstatement, these dudes slayed with the best of them: Cactus, Black Pearl, Pentagram and so on."


NEWS: read Classic Rock Magazine's interview of JPT, Iron Butterfly and others, "Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal" "JPT Scare Band was the death metal of early 70s hard rock ...The aptly named band constructed towering walls of terrifying evocative, druggy guitar noise..."
4/4/2015 -Here's a bit of what they had to say about the new LP...
..."Acid Acetate Excursion stats with sounds of a radio signal followed by a man coughing (ala Sweet Leaf by kindred spirits Black Sabbath) and kicks into some classic blues licks before the rhythm section follows with the vocals of singer /guitarist Terry Swope.  This song is a brilliant example of the entire ethos of a band doing exactly what they want and even though it lasts for 15 minutes it feels more like 5!"  (click for the whole article)







It's Not My Fault - JPT Scare Band  JPT Scare Band discography
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Acid Acetate Excursion & Rape of Titan's Sirens 2015 12" Dbl. Vinyl Ripple Music Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden, 2010 12" Dbl. Vinyl & CD Ripple Music  Rumdum Daddy
2009, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Sleeping Sickness
2009, CD
Kung Bomar Records - oop
Play the Ramona Video by John Grigsby images/manheim.jpg (55409 bytes)
Jamm Vapour
2007, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Echoes of the Everland
2006, CD
Kung Bomar Records oop
Past is Prologue
2002, CD
Kung Bomar Records
Manheim Mayhem
2001, CD
Kung Bomar Records oop
Ramona - JPT Scare Band
 Long Day by JPT Scare Band
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Blazing Basement
2001, CD
Kung Bomar Records oop
Sleeping Sickness
2000, CD
Monster Records oop
Rape of Titan's Sirens
1998, 12" Vinyl
Monster Records  oop
Acid Acetate Excursion
1994, 12" Vinyl
Monster Records  oop
NO TV Scro!
1975, digital only
by Paul Grigsby

The Visitant
2001, digital only
by Paul Grigsby
Tao of the Kung
2000, digital only
by Paul Grigsby
"No TV"
2013, by Terry Swope




2004 Rumdum Daddy Documentary "JPT documentary video" on Youtube

John Paul Grigsby made the Jamm Vapour, "Ramona" video and the Rumdum Daddy video documentary of the 2004 recording session at Berry Music Group with Len Alred engineering and doing some mixing with our late, great friend and Electric House madman, Greg Gassman assisting. Rocky Rude helped got us headphone amps to overcome the loud studio volume issues. Using Computer and hand drawn animation along with some black magic, he came up with some cool stuff to melt into as your eyes as your ears soak in it. Daryl Drake recorded the 8mm video for several videos using his wife, Donna's 8mm film camera. This video work was done in the psychedelic summer of 1974 and shows how Volker Park used to look when rock and roll was what you listened to on a warm, summer afternoon at the park with several thousand of your closest friends. 

john01-s.jpg (27539 bytes)

 John amazed us with his audio and video chops and were blown away with how into helping JPT in all sorts of ways. John produced a DVD project documenting the Crosstown Station gig with camera work done by Luke LeTourneau and Arjay Josephine. Rocky Rude was at the controls of the mains and monitors and Dave Brock recorded the multitrack audio.  Dr. Bomar picked 5 tracks, mixed them to go on a future live album by Ripple Music. is where you can find a  John's music, annimation and stop actionwork. He has become an integral part of the scare band and a great collaborator.
John Paul is playing bass on records and tours, currently touring with Gregory Alan Isakov.

John Paul put out his album, "Nothing is New". Great textures and grooves with solid hooks. (BA Toaster)




Gregory, Max, Jeb, Steve, Phil, John, and Paul at The Truman, 10-20-18, Caves Special Bonus Interview
Color, location and sound of your Chakras



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